July 27 & 28, 2023

The Gleacher Center in Chicago, IL

16 CE Credits

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Register now through March 2, 2023, to receive the early bird price of $1795 (save $200)

Our first International Composite Symposium brings 5 of the world's best cosmetic dentists together to share their secrets on how to use composite resin to address today's patients' functional and esthetic needs.

More than ever, patients are looking for minimally invasive dentistry that is both beautiful and functional.  We understand how beneficial it is both professionally and financially to offer this type of treatment option in your practice. That's why we have gathered some of the top restorative dentists from around the world to show you how and why composite addresses these needs. You do not want to miss this event! 
Register now through March 2, 2023, to receive the early bird price of $1795 (save $200)

5 Masters of Composite Bonding on One Stage

Buddy Mopper, DDS, MS, FAACD
Javier Quirós, DDS
Klécio de Andrade Alves, DDS, UFPE, SOEPE

Corky Willhite, DDS, FAACD
Rhodri Thomas, BDS

Learn Everything Composite Can Do & How to Incorporate More of It into your Practice 

The two-day agenda covers the wide versatility of composite resin, presenting cases and techniques that range from simple to complex. This symposium will showcase the replication of nature that only can be achieved with composite, breaking down techniques that deliver predictable and ESTHETIC results.

Composite has a place in every part of the mouth, anterior and posterior, and can even be the answer for full mouth restorations. To ensure long-term success with composite, you will learn functional solutions that restore occlusion and open the vertical dimension. Speakers will present case studies showing the longevity of composite and teach you how to achieve the same when utilizing the skills learned in this two-day event. 

Register now through March 2, 2023, to receive the early bird price of $1795 (save $200)

Dr. Buddy Mopper
"Beyond my expectations. Dr. Mopper is not only amazing with material, but in clarity and understanding."

Dr. Javier Quirós
"Javier boosted my confidence in offering composite resin veneers as a viable treatment option.”

Dr. Klécio de Andrade Alves
"Dr. Alves is hugely knowledgeable and incredibly talented. He listens and is very approachable when asking for advice. I’ve taken so much from this course into my daily practice, which has helped massively."

Dr. Corky Willhite
"Dr. Willhite is so knowledgeable, experienced, and personable, he invites questions and conversations."

Dr. Rhodri Thomas
"Rhodri is an artistic master whose enthusiasm shines through during the course. He makes you realize that you can achieve excellent restorations with easy and reproducible approaches."

 International Composite Symposium Topics


Composite Power

with Dr. Buddy Mopper
  • Unsurpassed versatility and endless possibilities
  • Renamel Restorative System overview
  • Long-term results

Creating Beauty by Recreating Nature

with Dr. Rhodri Thomas
  • Nature and optics
  • Building simple and  complex Class IVs, and peg laterals
  • Planning invisible resin cases

Composite Resin Veneers: Transforming Smiles in a Minimally Invasive Way

with Dr. Klécio de Andrade Alves
  • Ensuring longevity with composite resin
  • Planning cases
  • Advanced clinical cases


Become a Cosmetic Dentist with Composite Resin Restorations

with Dr. Javier Quirós
  • Composite veneers
  • Posterior composite restorations
  • Full-mouth composite rehabilitations

Composite in Function: The Integration of Smile Design and Occlusion for Longevity

with Dr. Corky WIllhite
  • Adding incisal length and building anterior guidance
  • A simple and inexpensive method of opening Vertical Dimension
  • Why porcelain is NOT always the best option


Come Network in Chicago

Join our leading faculty and other dentists from around the world during our two nights of planned networking events! This symposium offers a chance to meet friends, share success stories and get all your questions answered.

Located directly on the Chicago River, the Cosmedent office, Center for Esthetic Excellence lab, and Gleacher Center are on the famous Mag Mile, also known as Michigan Avenue. Hotels, restaurants, entertainment, architecture, and culture surround this ideal location in the city during the best time of the year to visit. 

Register now through March 2, 2023, to receive the early bird price of $1795 (save $200)